Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Never-Ending War on Terrorism

It is beginning to become evident for all of us that the war on terrorism seems never-ending. All attempts towards creating common ground fall to the ground. Power and domination seems to be the order of the day among all regional conflicts all over the globe.

It is quite ironic that we are looking for life on other planets. Who gives a shit? We can't solve our own problems on planet earth, so why would we look towards other planets?

We can't even agree on reducing carbon-dioxide, which is even a peaceful goal that would benefit all future generations, yet some countries don't care at all. Over-population is another problem, yet some - in religious and cultural darkness - keep getting children at rates never seen before. Even China stopped this tendency when they could see it was going against their own national interests.

So, in fact, the question is: why don't world politicians speak out once and for all? Why don't they care enough to say enough IS enough?

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