Sunday, August 10, 2014

Watching Terms and Conditions May Apply on Netflix

It was a rather scary experience to watch Terms and Conditions May Apply on Netflix as I currently do... It is shocking, to say the very least, to see how far-reaching the data collection is - and all of it happening just under the radar.

Editing Terms of Service terms without any user involvement to cater to company goals is cheating the public. It is a travesty against the personal freedoms of everyone alive on this planet.

It is like George Orwell's 1984 lifted times a zillion!!!

Truly shocking, and such a shame, because such a travesty CANNOT be allowed to continue.

Arguments such as honest people have nothing to fear are FALSE. Everyone watched Sandra Bullock in the two movies - The Net and The Net 2.0 - will know this is false. Especially since real life is often even stranger than fiction.

We have allowed the people who should protect us to become our own worst enemies - all in the name of the war on terror, preemptive examination etc...

The 9/11 tragedy should never be a license for any government to register what THEY find important when that happens without any user involvement or at the very least based on a conviction from a judge in a court of law.

As things stand today, we have a worldwide anarchy with self-appointed people claiming they only do this for our own good... Seems a bit like a fox saying it's just watching hens at the farm.

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