Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Currently, the Syrian chemical attack on their own population is being highly discussed. Proponents of an attack against Syria have all sorts of explanations ranging from showing that chemical warfare is unacceptable to setting an example to deter other nations from doing the same. Opponents are being accused of acceptance of chemical weapons and other things.

Let's set the record STRAIGHT - even though this MIGHT be unpopular in some circles.

Numerous nations have already used chemical weapons. The United States of America used them during the Vietnam war - and even though the chemical substances were first forbidden later, in 1975, it was still a cancerous agent for numerous Vietnamese civilians.

We want to be civilized, and we want to set the bar for civilized behaviour at a high level to improve the global political arena. What we have, however, overlooked is the FACT that bombings in Syria will ONLY be detrimental for the Syrian people who will be paying for rebuilding what will be bombed IF an attack is initiated.

Assad doesn't give a damn!

He will be hiding behind his minions and will do anything to stay in power.

If we learnt ANYTHING from the Iraq invasion, we will have to RETHINK the strategy. That is my $0.02 on the matter...

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Henrik Blunck said...

And I do know President Obama WARNED syria that there WOULD be consequences, but I am discussing whether spread bombings would be the best method. They could simply bring in a team to bring him to justice. A modern John Wayne way of giving him a real, and very personal, spanking... :-)