Friday, April 12, 2013

North Korean Madness

North Korea is truly showing its absolute madness. Threatening its neighbors with nuclear warheads isn't exactly the way to make friends. In fact, it's bound to provoke a lot of people in a direction that the North Koreans probably won't like...

In an age of terrorism, the very dictatorshis is fighting a battle they will lose.

We see this type of rhetoric in a lot of countries. Iran is making similar statements, and the world has certainly become an even stranger place than ever before. One question begs to be answered: 'Why can't we dwell together in understanding?'

When we look at the animal world we see unity in a much different way. Of course, some animals hunt one another. That is their instinct, and their only way to survive. Weak animals are killed and eaten. Why can't we learn to dwell together in at least a bit more cooperation? What is behind this need to demonstrate POWER? Why is the alpha male tendency showing its ugly face in so many ways?

We are intelligent enough to create marvelous inventions, but also precisely too stupid to understand we DEPEND on one another for survival at a time in history when some nations - normally defined as 'un-developed nations - are grow at an explosive pace threatening the survival of all due to diminishing resources in some geographic locations...

Stop the madness, and concentrate on what TRULY matters is my honest advice... :-)

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