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Has Obama Been a Good Leader For the Democratic Party?

Has Obama Been a Good Leader For the Democratic Party?
By Henrik V Blunck
In order to understand whether Obama has been a good leader of the Democratic Party one has to consider whether he has indeed promoted the democratic party's ideals. Whether he has inspired his membership, and restored faith in the party.
Obama's Speaking Skills
One of the first things everyone noticed during Obama's first campaign for the Presidency was the way he was different from former candidates of the Democratic Party.

Social Media had come on the scene, and Obama and his team mastered Facebook and Twitter in a most successful way which very probably was the primary reason for winning his first term.

What was even more impressive was his call for change in his speaking appearances. He was very direct in his call for cooperation across party lines. People very quickly compared him to John F Kennedy who wanted similar changes back in the 1960s.

Obama has been very skilled in presenting bad news in a more palpable way than his predecessors, and numerous Republican party members hate this as it has contributed to his winning a second-term, much against the odds of a candidate who challenged him in the field of economics, yet lost.

Promoting Democratic Ideals During Harsh Opposition
Opposition from Republicans has been fierce. People could see some of their privileges were challenged, and just as wolves can't watch hens, so Republicans did all they could to lobby against each and every suggestion and proposal from the Democrats whenever possible.

The many wins were close races between ideologies, and it remains to be seen what will happen during his second term. But the signs are clear. Change will happen, and it's what the American people want.

Inspiring Members Into a New Perspective
Obama could have played the race card, yet never has. He has focused far more on cooperation between ideologies and people - all born in America, the land of opportunity

His focus has never been on separating people, but far more on uniting a divided country. That type of leadership is one of example rather than ideologizing everything into secluded boxes.

The Numerous Challenges Ahead
The second term will define his Presidency. The next four years will determine how he will be remembered. Numbers never lie, and his victory in 2012 has indicated that Republicans will have a hard time winning an election. From that perspective, Obama may very well have changed much in the mentality of Americans.

Normally, parties have shifted in moving into the White House after two terms, but my belief is that Republicans will have to focus much more on what truly worries the American people, because the Democratic ideals have indeed been awakened in the minds of the American people.
In that sense, Obama has indeed been a good leader of the Democratic Party.

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