Saturday, January 26, 2013

Demonstrations in Egypt - What We Failed to Teach the Egypt People

Now we see civil unrest in Egypt. Now that people didn't get what they wanted during the elections, they suddenly start demonstrations. Actually, we created the grounds for this unrest because we overlooked one very important factor.

When a country is just beginning to implement democracy, you need to teach a people patience. You can't start demonstrations every time there is something you disagree with. You can solve the differences in the election booths. We all know this. Otherwise we would have had civil unrest everywhere.

Yet, somehow, we failed to understand that when a people is largely analphabet, this has to be told as you implement democratic values. People who have suffered don't start off with reading constitutions and legal papers. They are troubled by the need to get food on their table, and when something doesn't work, their immediate though is "it worked before, so it will work again"...

So overlooking this very important element is in fact one of the areas where we Westeners have failed in our mission of teaching the very basis for democracy.

Will someone please educate politicians so they realize this?

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