Sunday, November 4, 2012

Voting On Informed Grounds

It can be more than difficult to vote on informed grounds when you have no power supply. That is the current situations for thousands of people after hurricane Sandy hit the US. Latest news is that many of these people will be without any power supply for up to two more weeks.

It has been stated that this isn't acceptable. That's a fair analysis.

Far worse is the fact that people can't vote on informed grounds in elections this tuesday.

Imagine yourself in such a situation. Everything you own is destroyed. What would be your priorities when you couldn't even secure any storage of food etc? Would you have the energy to follow what may be the most important election at this critical point in time?

I think you know the answer...

Obviously, it's in the interest of a close race that some are left undecided. Sorry, but this would be our impression if this happened in Russia, so why should it be any different just because it happens in the US?

I think you know the answer...

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