Saturday, November 3, 2012

Close Race? Maybe - Maybe Not...

News services all over the world are beginning to speak of a close race between Obama and Romney. American elections may again be decided by very few states. Not true.

Please understand.

There are of course states that are typically Republican, and others that are typically Democrat. No doubt about that.

But the current situation may very well rock that boat.

I will offer you three situations that should be important to you on election day IF you have the best interests of global politics at the forefront of your mind when you vote:

  • Copyright legislation: We NEED a strong hand to direct the current situation where both China and Russia have a different view on copyrights. Both copyrights for product copying, but also when it comes to software distribution. Romney HAS focused his attention on this, and is ready to show muscles to SOLVE the current situation. Obama has a "better" strategy, yet history has proven that talk is cheap. You may negotiate with the Chinese, but as long as laws are not being changed, no real lasting effect is achieved.
  • Syria: WHY is the current President so passive? He got support for his Iraq-strategy, but Syria is different. Why is it okay to go into Libya, but not into Syria? Why is it okay to warn Iranians against acquiring atomic weaponry, but not okay to say to Russia we won't allow Syria to kill its civilian population?
    Questions worth considering...
  • Economic proofs: Obama has served deficit after deficit. Romney has promised balanced budgets. Why not look at it this way: if Romney FAILS in performing in this area, he is to be kicked out in 2016, but if he is given a chance, and actually delivers, the whole world will be a better place.
    You can't accept a superpower on the verge of bankruptcy, so it IS important to consider this aspect.
I wish all Americans a very good election day. Your choice has great impact on world politics, and we are awaiting your decision with GREAT anticipation.

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