Friday, September 7, 2012

Will Obama Win?

Now that the first term is coming to an end we see US President Barack Obama campaigning for a second term in office.

What we're watching isn't pretty. Personal attacks on Mitt Romney is so far away from the "original" Obama brand as the east is from the west. Claims that he doesn't pay his taxes and many other obscene theories are flying through the air, and it really proves two things:
  1. The race is close - almost a tie
  2. The effect of power is visible to all
I realize Democrats will hate my saying this, but it doesn't make this any less true. In fact, it shows that the people who SHOULD stand for a better way of living - and certainly did during the 2008-campaign - have forgotten their roots.

They don't see their own flaws any more, but only try to destroy rather than building up what CAN be expected.

I could even have respected a focus upon what WAS succesful as we saw during the Democratic convention. But criticizing Romney because he visited the flooded areas before the President is RIDICULOUS.

"Yes, You Can" was a good motto. But we need more than that. Mottos are only ideals. When the rest of the message is colored by either irony or negative messages it only causes apathy.

Will be interesting to watch the elections. :-)

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