Thursday, December 29, 2011

Follow Up On Situation in Russia

Since I asked the question "Is the Era of Glasnost over?" just over a year ago, much has happened. Not in the form of any comments to my blog post, unfortunately.

First of all, the European Court of Human Rights did not find it proven that the verdict was solely politically motivated - see May 31st 2011 verdict reported on Wikipedia.

Secondly, the whole issue is one involving much more than could be easily digested in television news reporting for 2 minute of tv aurtime. He will probably be writing a book, if he isn't already writing it while imprisoned.

We must realize that in the world of politics there is often more to any case than what is seen on the surface. I am currently reading a book on all the beautiful reforms that have been made in Russia under Putin, and it does seem a bit far-fetched to use old preconceptions as a standard of political verdicts. Something the European Court of Human Rights also emphasised...

Happy New Year everyone. :-)

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