Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Libya Disappoints

In a time of transit between dictatorship and freedom, it has already been announced that Libya wants to base their government upon Sharia. Sharia means the muslim type of legislation, and is a far cry from the possibilities offered by democracy. Combining the two is something that hasn't succeeded when we combine modern government studies with a knowledge of history.

If anyone can prove me wrong, you are welcome to comment. :-)

The people of Libya should have a right to choose what type of government they want. But when faced with 42 years under the dictatorship of Gaddafi it is highly doubtful how they should even know what they actually want.

Apparently, there are so many factions that now it becomes a tribal rule - and already a powerful and mighty ruler is willing to place himself at the head of such a rule.

Gone are any ideas of equality, education etc. What could have become an ideal oasis for tourists that could challenge even Greece with luxury hotels is becoming a difficult spot where politics and religion is once again combined. What a shame...

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