Saturday, August 13, 2011

Danish Government Forbids Muslim Dinner in Parliament

The most shocking news released today indicates that the Danish government has cancelled a dinner with muslims. Xenofobia full speed, and I am ashamed that our Prime Minister is such a sissy. A wimp who has for far too long tolerated the Danish People's Party (which has only very little real backing, but purely a populist coincidence with xenofobia as primary drive).

Integrating people together involves a smile. That is the first step of a friendship. Hosting a dinner could work miracles in creating RESPECT and FRIENDSHIP between people, and that is apparently unwanted in Denmark, as long as the Danish People's Party is the deciding factor for Lars Løkke Rasmussen to remain in power.

I have NEVER before felt so ashamed that our public building should be such an exclusivist club that a small party can stop an interpersonal meeting just because some people apparently have so little sense as to realize the stupidity in all of this.

I refrain from saying more on this issue...

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Henrik V Blunck said...

An update is that a renewed application has been made, and that now this dinner will be held - under another definition of the meeting.

The Danish People's Party is still dissatisfied with this, so there continues to be some controversy as to how muslims are viewed in this country.