Monday, July 4, 2011

War on Terrorism - The Backside of the Coin

War on terrorism is an absolute necessity, but there is also a backside of the coin. Notice how many countries are either silent or adamantly opposed to ruling out terrorism from both their own ranks and countries close to themselves.

If everyone agreed terrorism was wrong, there would be no opposition.

But there is opposition, and the question that needs to be answered is: "Is the war on terrorism turning out to be a curse disguised as a blessing?"

We all like freedom. Freedom to express ourselves, freedom to gather in political associations - but we do so respectfully, even towards opponents...

Why can't some countries come to terms with the ideals of democracy and start abiding by the centuries old concepts of separation between democratic institutions. Once lawmakers also become judges and rulers in the sense of threading on their populations, much is lost.

That is, perhaps, the backside of the coin. We are fighting a good fight, but some play with a hidden deck of cards - and a totally opposite agenda... Why are so many silent towards this?

That is the best question ever, I should think.

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