Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gaddafi - Stronger Than Many Anticipated

Gaddafi, dictator for decades in Libya, was indeed stronger than many anticipated. When we entered the crisis from a NATO and UN perspective it was thought he would be defeated within only a few weeks.

Something very different has happened - and world leaders are hopelessly silent about what is actually taking place.

While Gaddafi uses a lot of talk about his version of pride, the world is wondering: "Why don't we just take that FINAL military decision?"

How can such a dictator survive armed forces from so many nations for such a long time? What is holding us back from finally taking out his entire armed forces? The crisis about to ensue in the Middle East is going to be VERY dramatic if this farce is allowed to continue.

I personally find it laughable when a wimp such as Gaddafi hides behind his minions and begins threatening of bombing Europe. But I find it even more strange that our world alliance lacks the balls to actually move ahead and finally get that final blow that will show we mean business.

Dictators are just as much terrorists as was Osama Bin Laden, and if we want a safe place for our kids and grandkids it might be the right time to STOP the aggression of religious nonsense. If there is such a big animosity between people, then let's get that final thing over and done with.

None of us want that, but there is a time to count the cost, and wimping out from threats is considered cowardice by people with so different an ideology as Gaddafi.

So I would suggest military and political leaders get their perspectives right, and begin finalizing what they started before everything gets out of hand because of half-willed people who fail to finish what was begun.

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