Saturday, May 21, 2011

When a War Is Won

When a war is won you can't go back to pre-war lines of geometry. That lies at the core of war. When Israel was attacked in 1967 it defended itself against very dangerous and ill-willed people that wanted to throw them all totally out of the Middle East.

Obama has started a noble negotiation with both parties in the current crisis, but he does it from a failed perspective. Look around the Middle East, and take a long and hard look at the anatomy of the countries surrounding Israel. Many of these countries are highly aggressive against the Jewish state established in 1948.

I am saddened to see the many people who can't take an honest state against the anti-semitism shown towards Israel - and I must say it is highly positive to see that Sarah Palin is friendly towards Israel, a truly rare trait amidst political correctness where people deny their spiritual heritage.

Sorry, dear readers, but the current talks may be necessary to negotiate a treaty to halt the crisis, but it must be done from a correct historical perspective instead of continuing the debate from a purely naive view of the world. We see aggression all over the territory, and it requires a more complete analysis to create a lasting peace.

As I have said long ago we may need a situation similar to Cyprus. A line that is set, and then a clear understanding that aggression MUST be stopped. If that was said to both parties, the crisis would be over. But when one party continues to send rockets "over the fence" [pardon the pun... ;-)] it is no wonder that the other fights back.

Israel needs to be recognized instead of overlooked as it has been for far too long down through history. The chosen nation has a historic role to play, and that should be accepted - whether politically correct or not in the opinion of some...

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