Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Unarmed Osama - No Excuse!

The rumor that Osama was unarmed when he was killed by Navy Seals is no surprise. Apparently, Osama had numerous people on his payroll who protected him to such an extent that he was able to live in Pakistan under anonymous "protection"... Yet, he felt unsure about his own people, because he surrounded himself with bodyguards who WERE armed when the attack was made.

Let's recap the situation. Osama bin Laden was a terrorist. He killed thousands of people as the leader of al Quaeda, and why should it be any excuse that he lived luxuriously and left protection to others?

You could even ask the, somewhat fair, question: Was Osama such a person that he couldn't handle weapons himself, but had to rely on the power of the tongue to instigate others to do the killings for him?

Was Osama, in reality, a coward?

He hid for a decade - and was well aware that a reward on him of 100,000,000$ dead or alive was made long ago.

The idea that he could somehow be a martyr is strange indeed - but no surprise to those of us who are more convinced than ever before that the mixture of politics and religion is a deadly cocktail. Such a blend kills any normal thinking when idolized people begin shooting east and west as Osama instigated. His terrorist network has been guilty of terrorist attacks in numerous locations, and stopping him is no doubt only the first step. Anyone who steps in as a new leader in that terrorist network can expect to end their days in exactly the same way, and rightly so.

Osama is no martyr. He was a hateful man who used his money in the wrong way - to kill others. If Osama bin Laden had half the brains of a man like Bill Gates, he would have used his fortune to BUILD UP others and HELP people rather than destroy them.

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