Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dare We Disagree?

Do we dare to disagree? Can we actually accept one another - even when we do disagree on certain subjects? This could be anything from being a Republican or a Democrat to whether you agree on our sanctioning a no-flight zone over Libya...

Everyone has great empathy for a people being attacked by their own leader. But how did the world react when China smashed students at Tiananmen at the end of the 1980's? Why were we passive when the Philippines had a dictator of their own who gladly spent thousands of dollars on shoes for his wife, Imelda Marcos, while people went hungry? What did we do in all the other situations where we COULD have done something, but didn't?

Those questions are less popular to ask. Simply because the implication is that you are defending someone just because you dare to QUESTION what takes place.

Shouldn't we all dare to think for ourselves? Shouldn't we be allowed to have our own opinions, even on subjects where the majority just go with the wind?

Anyone with democratic values should be able to realize that we need to think outside the box if we want to SOLVE problems rather than create new ones by taking short-term decisions most of the time.

Do we dare disagree? Please leave a comment, and let's have a debate about our right to disagree... Thanks very much beforehand. :-)

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