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Political Blogging - Ethics of Making Money From Your Blog

Political Blogging - Ethics of Making Money From Your Blog
By Henrik V Blunck

Blogging about politics can be tough business. Many may drop away from your blog because they disagree with you. On the other hand you will attract very little attention if you stay away from having an opinion about the subjects you blog about.

People have easy access to information about what happens - all over the globe. What they get much less of from traditional sources are analyses and behind-the-scenes impressions about what happens. That creates a duality when you blog about political subjects.
  • On the one hand you want to stay objective - to remain credible
  • But you also want to have a twist - to differentiate yourself from the crowd
You will have to realize, from the beginning, that politics and religion are the two areas where you will never agree with everyone.

When that has been said, it is also important to say that you can be biased in your analysis without pushing other people aside. Doing that in the best way when running a political blog involves presenting both sides of the equation, and using careful evaluation to show why you have the opinion you do - and how it affects other people.

When you use that type of debate, people may disagree with some of your conclusion, but they will nonetheless respect you for standing by your opinion. When you analyze things from a respectful perspective you show empathy for other people's views while also giving them food for thought.

It's What People Want - Food For Thought
This is the single most lacking ingredient in most political blogging. People are so focused on writing about high profile subjects, and matching certain key words that they totally forget their audiences. This is the one area where you can truly make a difference if you want to do a decent job in blogging about politics.

I know from personal experience that this type of blogging has a tremendous potential. I have seen my blog rise in power and visitor counts within days after writing on an important subject. I did this in danish, but you can have the same experience in any language. The important part is to realize what your assignment is, and after you know that, you can increase your readership considerably by choosing carefully reviewed opinions at all times. You may also have an undecided opinion, and that would be an excellent chance to call in further opinions using feedback from readers.

But don't ever get discouraged by worrying about where you earn your money when blogging. You are never ethically challenged as long as you handle all subjects to the best of your ability.

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