Saturday, January 29, 2011

Important Decision to Be Made in France

In France, an important decision is facing politicians. Will they follow the 58% of the population who support gays' rights to join in marriage, or will intolerance be the order of the day for a society that claims it never discriminates based on religion?

When it came to the question of christian crosses or jewish kippas or muslim veils, it was claimed that no discrimination happened since all religious signs were forbidden in schools etc.

But what could possibly be the reason for forbidding two people to join in marriage just because they chose to join with a partner of the same sex, if not due to religion?

Politics should never be based upon personal preference but should follow the international guidelines against discrimination. Therefore, the French politicians face a tough decision if they fail to comply with international standards. Will France remain a secular society or will policy-making be based on Catholic standards?

And, if so, have they even considered the implications once religion is mixed with politics? Dangerous ground indeed...

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