Friday, May 28, 2010

The Oil Spills - What Lessons Should We Learn?

We are all aware that the Obama administration moved very quickly to try to rescue the shores and beaches from the effects of the oil spills. But sometimes being quick isn't enough.

We MUST change the way we look at oil. Oil MUST be something we free ourselves from, and we need to make a conscious decision to stop the madness of our constant reliance upon oil.

Not only will it send shockwaves through oil rich nations, but it will also send clear signals to oil companies that the sunshine is over. Litigation doesn't solve anything for the thousands of animals that will die as a result of this oil spilling into the Mexican Gulf. Neither will it save the beaches from the after-effects for many years to come when people chose to hold vacations elsewhere.

The Obama administration will have to send a strong signal to stop oil companies from thinking the bad press will disappear. We should maintain and enhance our funding of and research in solar panels, electric cars, wind energy etc.

If President Obama wants to take a stand, he can. History will prove he had a unique chance when people really have the consequences of continuing before them.

We NEED change. Will we get it?

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