Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama Should Be More Than Health Care

The Obama term should be about more than "just" Health Care. More than "just" the closing of Camp Guantanamo. There are so many BIG issues that need to be dealt with...

And yet, it seems like Afghanistan, Iraq and many other potential bombs are just lurking below the surface. The ambition of the US government was to get more STABILITY, but we have in fact had far more INSTABILITY than ever before.

One could say that the final years of this first term will determine whether it was hot air, or there will actually be ACTION. Action against speculation that cost people their retirement funds, action against discrimination and action against the root CAUSES of today's problems.

What is YOUR impression of the first term up to now? Are you satisfied with what the President has achieved, or are you also looking for more long-term signs that a fundamental change HAS happened in the US?

Feel welcome to comment. :-)

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