Sunday, October 19, 2008

When The Gloves Come Off

In this final blog article before the Grand Election I would like to summarize a few key points I have found very interesting about BOTH campaigns. It is not only I, but even many political analyzers who have noticed that Obama ran a FAIR campaign whereas McCain ran a very biased and negative campaign.

Much like former elections, this campaign was PERSONAL. Republicans made a mess of world politics, and now they want to blame everyone else for THEIR mistakes while having had eight long years at the reins of control. The Democrats would have had great difficulty in explaining how wonderful everything would become after this George Bush-era IF Hillary Clinton had been elected. There would always have been a return to the Bill Clinton-era when she is married to the former President.

However, just as preconceived ideas, innuendos and theories have been rampant in this catfight, it would be fair to end by saying that from a Danish perspective (mine), the United States have had awful corpses hidden in the closet after Anti-Terrorist laws have greatly DEVALUED our democratic freedoms.
Surveillance is all over the place, not only in Echelon, but all over the planet. Supposedly to make us feel safer, but freedom-loving, law-abiding citizens have become LOSERS in a game in which they have never been heard nor respected.

If EVER there was a time when morale needed a great boost it would be now, but fighting among themselves will never solve these issues. Therefore, the recent turn-around of the Republican campaign seems only too shallow a sign of window-dressing. Changing the gift-wrapping doesn't change the basic fact that Republicans want CONTROL to an extent they would never have accepted before.

So, when you choose between the two candidates, my hope is you will remember who stood for good morals and ethics all along, remember who fought most fairly and who TRULY deserves to run the office of President of the United States of America.

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