Monday, October 20, 2008

Did Obama Break Any Ethics Laws?

Now, under the title of "Obama Broke Illinois Ethics Laws" some journalists have tried to insinuate that Senator Obama broke the law as state legislator when he received "speaking fees" - see the news here:

Listen, there are many formats used by OTHER politicians. "I will do the job, but please donate to my favourite charity", or "....please donate to my campaign fund." What would be the difference?

Donations to campaign funds would be tax deductible for the one who pays, and campaign funds are not taxed, so in fact Senator Obama has done more than many others have, when considered ethically. Because the tactics employed by former candidates have not been illegal per se. It is fair to speak before supporters before you speak to non-supporters, and there would be no law against that.

But this type of article shows just how DIRTY some people will play to imply wrong motives. Let me say it again, Senator Obama IS honest and he IS a worthy candidate for the office of President of the United States of America. He has disclosed all he needs to do, and poor devious attacks from his opponents won't change that. If you check both sides of the story.

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