Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am not the least surprised that I was right in anticipating Senator Barack Obama would become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. There is absolutely nothing surprising in that result. Given the fact that Mrs. Clinton destroyed her own credibility, she would have faced a very difficult battle in competing against Senator John McCain.

It's High Time To Wake Up!

It's high time to wake up to reality. John McCain will stop at nothing to discredit his opponent. He has already shown the exact same traits that made George Bush a highly unpopular president. An arrogance against those who disagree that WILL become his greatest liability unless someone gets the message across to him.

Senator John McCain will never become President if he continues his present style. It's not guesswork but a simple fact of life. People are disgusted at Republican beating around the bush. When difficult things need to be changed a President in office should be courageous enough to admit an error was made. George Bush would rather break an arm before he ever gave an apology. No matter how much evidence is presented against him.

Everyone can see it, except themselves. That's why Republicans have a hard time understanding the wishes of the people for their coming elections for a new President. They WILL get a new President. His name will be Barack Obama.

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