Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Inevitable Conclusion

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Hillary will loose the competition for becoming a candidate for the presidency. She should have many opportunities to draw quite a few lessons from her failed campaign, but - somehow - her stubborn attitude indicates she would rather continue 'TIL THE END rather than come to the logical conclusion that she won't win...

Why This Stubbornness?

It does seem rather desperate that she clings so hard to a dream that is so close and yet so far away, knowing full well that it was the entire STRATEGY that failed. Changing personnel during the campaign was no lifesaver either. In fact, she should have asked herself very different questions when she even considered running for a candidacy.

Some points to consider:

  • Her credibility in marriage. I can understand situations when private couples find their way and overcome the hurdle of adultery, but Bill Clinton lied for quite some time about the incident. If Hillary would have shown STRENGTH as a female wannabe-leader, she should have "fired" Bill back then, and run her campaign from that perspective. That would have raised the hopes of every single American woman hoping for someone to openly state that sexual morals shouldn't remain in the gutters as is so rampant in so-called modern times. Hillary could have read it from my theme page right here: but for those too weak to TRULY LEAD they often only surround themselves with yes-people, and consequently only get the information they WANT instead of the information THEY NEED...

  • Her credibility in general. Anyone remember the gunfire-mistake? Anyone remember the countless mis-speakings and consequent attempts at rectifying? Think before you speak would have been the best policy, but - again - Hillary started mudthrowing and had serious problems when debates were about issues. She preferred personal smear, and she has been punished by the people for it. Rightly so.

  • Playing the ex-first lady card. It goes somewhat with point no. 1 as being somewhat blurry, but even worse is the fact that Hillary should never have involved both her daughter and ex-husband in this campaign. If she wanted to be the winner she should have stood tall by herself. It is sad to let the press eat at the ruins left of a family life so obviously torn about as the first two terms under Bill, her husband.
There are many other lessons that could have been drawn from this, but - as I have said above - Hillary won't consider material when it comes from non-supporters and when you prefer to surround yourself with people who only nod at every idea you can get while taking a shower in the morning, things become blurred.

It would have been wise to take courses in communication and listen to criticism to adjust one's strategies accordingly, but that is ONLY something a strong leader would do, and THAT is only one of many flaws of Hillary and her attempts at running for Presidency.

It was fun writting this blog. Things are running in the right direction, and I anticipate that from now on it will be uphill for the man I believed in right from the beginning. I look forward to Senator Obama becoming the next President of the United States. :-)

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