Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who Will Become Presidential Candidate?

Regular readers will long ago have noticed that I prefer Senator Barack Obama as candidate for the Democrats. I know some disagree with my decision, and others feel that a Dane (person like myself from Denmark) should stay out of American politics.

In the interest of democracy I would say that we Europeans do follow the elections very closely for several reasons. One of these is the fact that we realize there is great importance in who LEADS America in the years ahead.

On foreign policy subjects, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa and the entire globe has global challenges that we need to get settled. Not only compared with wars but also in what concerns the weather and the impact from the environment. Such subjects are HARD for many Americans, at least when a Republican President is at The White House.

Internally, it is just as important to find a person that can unify the country. Americans have been scattered for many reasons. They need to find common ground, and in my honest opinion Senator Barack Obama WOULD become the best President.

Anyway, we will be busy following your primaries. :-)

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