Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama Says What Others Think...

It is a well-known trick to play "war-on-words" when issues are too difficult to deal with. The entire discussion between Clinton vs. Obama is primary example of that. Senator Obama says things straight as he sees them, and Hillary's crew has played war-on-words ever since she fell behind.

Look at the facts, folks. Obama runs his own campaign on ISSUES - issues confronting Americans, and involving other nations as we interact with America. The issues were never whether or not Hillary could become President. She no doubt could.

Facetiously one could even say she would be the first female president running for a third and fourth term. :-)
Just kidding. :-D

But, nonetheless, issues have NOT been at the center of the Clinton campaign. She has shown her worst sides and her ugliest ability to truly play politics. If anything, this campaign was the biggest proof that politics is a dirty business. We are faced with an opportunity to find common ground and none of it has ever sunk in.

To say it straightforwardly, Senator Obama has hit a nerve with many of the policies he has gained votes for. Why don't the Democrats start walking IN pace instead of the cacaphony going on at the moment?

I personally feel the Democrats are hurting themselves, and though senator McCain may not be any favourite he sure as anything has at least stood by his opinions. NOW is the time to decide on who the Democrats want to run for office. At least if in-fighting would otherwise continue.

"Think before you speak" is the best policy - everywhere and anytime. :-)

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