Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Hillary Wants To Run for President

As most readers will have noticed, Senator Clinton has strange "recollections" - most recently she "remembers" both landing under sniper fire and that there was no welcome committee. Both claims clearly evidenced by CNN and other sources as completely the opposite of the truth.

WHEN you look at a Senator who claims knowledge of law - in fact even an attorney at law - one has to wonder how she ever made a living as a lawyer. She must have had a lot of clients jailed on counts of perjury if they had similar problems with recollecting what actually took place.

She's a joke, but it's no wonder she has to stay in politics. Her credibility is so bad she has to continue. Exit Hillary!!

The United States needs a true leader with good moral standards. Both candidates exhibiting those traits would be either Republican John McCain or Democrat Barack Obama.

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