Monday, January 14, 2008

Yes AND No, or Yes Or No?

When seeing how Hillary Clinton originally voted regarding the Iraq invasion, it would seem highly improbable that she will be any clearer on other subjects. Reference:

Barack Obama Was Clear From The Start

Although Hillary seems bent on overlooking this, Senator Barack Obama has been clear from the beginning. He was against the invasion, and today we can all see that it was the right opinion because, once again, the US has been totally unable and unprepared to create any lasting solutions.

Anyone with any knowledge of the Middle East would have known that a military invasion had to be followed by strong democratic education of a nation that was accustomed to simply just doing as they were told under Saddam. One would truly have to be naive to ever believe that such a deep adjustment from dictatorship towards democracy would happen automatically...

Democracy Lessons

One feels tempted to almost suggest democracy lessons online so other countries could also get a foretaste of what democracy is all about. It is such a modern venture to use YouTube, but in areas such as this fast solutions are apparently prioritized over lasting solutions.

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