Thursday, January 10, 2008

Self-Respect - a Missing Commodity

Whether or not one agrees with John McCain is irrelevant. It is praiseworthy that he speaks in clear terms - even in the face of opposition on some of his positions.

In the same way, Barack Obama CAN indeed talk of change because he hasn't corrupted himself with any wrongdoing - that we know of.

Somewhat different is the situation when discussing the ever-present, tear-dropping [whining... ;-)] Senator Hillary Clinton. She gets a lot of exposure on international TV, yet noone asks the necessary questions. What could people be thinking?
  • I think many are thinking: "Why didn't she kick I-didn't-have-any-sexual-relations Bill Clinton out of the marriage?" Many no doubt feel it's tragic enough that either his libido was bigger than his self-restraint, or that they should both have concentrated more on keeping one another content in ALL areas. But what people THINK is one thing, how they will vote is another.

  • Why hasn't she voiced how she wants to be DIFFERENT from her husband? Why get his "support" if talk is on change and a new direction?

  • What will be her position on international questions? Not just Iraq, but foreign policies in general... No need for spin if real politics were discussed.
Anyway, self-respect should be visible in any President-candidate. People are free to choose as they will, but they should think very carefully about what strategy they want. People need to get behind ads, spin and all the smooth-talk.

Selecting someone for four years is a highly important decision and deserves your full attention. :-)

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