Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Primary in New Hampshire...

Looking at the elections from a Danish perspective is certainly interesting. We are greatly impressed by Barack Obama. For the Democrats two essential firsts are being introduced:
  1. If Hillary wins the candidacy, she could become the first female President
  2. If Barack wins the candidacy, he could become the first President with afro-American roots

I find both prospects historically interesting. :-)

Barack Obama is fighting with having to quit smoking if he moves into the White House. That is a battle I am sure he will overcome. He does seem like a man of character. No doubt his inexperience will awaken the wolves in sheep's clothing..... That is a very sad perspective, but fore-warned is fore-armed.

Hillary, on the other hand, can be defined as ambitious beyond belief. She is viewed by many as the strong woman that "ruled" her husband - apparently not all that passionate in the bedroom, but certainly a moving political fighter that will do virtually anything to become President herself.

I have had a theme page on the candidacy for some time, last update on May 3rd 2007. That page is entitled: "Hillary Rodham Clinton - Smart Wolf In Sheep's Disguise?" It contains many of the unanswered questions that Hillary will face.

Anyone that even remotely considers voting for Hillary in coming primaries should read the article "Why Does Hillary Clinton Fear Condoleezza Rice?" That article is very interesting indeed and all Barack Obama fans might want that link to circulate far and wide. Let the wolves be identified.

PS: Just so noone is in doubt, the writer feels that either Democrat Sen. Barack Obama or Republican Sen. John McCain are the most worthy candidates. :-)

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