Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking Forward To Super-Tuesday

I won't hide the fact that I am looking forward to the super-primary when 22 states get involved in making a decision about who they want as candidate in their parties. I like some of Huckabees' moral lessons, but I still think Sen. McCain will win when the going gets tough...

On the democratic scene, Sen. Clinton is performing surprisingly well in single states. The question remains how she will handle many states in one day? Will she be able to come across as a leader? I fully admit I don't like the perspective of her becoming a presidential candidate, but I do admire her tenacity. She does keep at it, and she gets fine results.

The challenge is therefore, for Sen. Barack Obama, to focus more fully on unity both nationally and globally. There are great challenges ahead in foreign policies, and IF Sen. Obama's advice on Iraq had been followed things would truly have looked a bit differently. Noone defends the late dictator Saddam Hussein by saying that, but it is simply a matter of fact that civil unrest has been all too rampant.

A complete strategy in that region will require a strong leader of America imho. :-)

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