Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Book, Conspiracy or Dangerous News?

You are free to choose what you think, but I certainly found this blog rather interesting. It is run by Michael S London who has authored the book "Controlled Chaos". His blog can be found here:

Let it be said straightaway: I like a good book, and I do enjoy a good conspiracy. What I won't accept is ANY group that would ever set themselves up a mediators, middle men or wiseguys. Democracy MUST be a direct mandata FROM the people, BY the people and any candidate MUST be responsible towards HIS or HER mandata FROM that people.

So while I doubt there is any truth to the Skull and Bones story, it's still interesting. In a race for the presidency it WOULD be interesting if she would issue statements or if any of the readers of the blogs asks the right question when opportunity presents itself. :-)

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